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Certificate courses in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

The School provides and welcomes people to attend and learn from the short courses below.

The School of Public Health and Primary Care offer courses and degrees across all areas of public health practice.  We offer all students grounding in professionally recognized competencies and in areas increasingly recognized as core to public health.  We are also offer courses in areas of special interest – including epidemiology, environmental health, health promotion, health management.  Many short courses will be offered in the Summer School.

Short courses are available either as stand alone opportunities or as a component part of certificate, diploma or degree programmes within the school. They aim to provide continuing education opportunities for those interested in health and healthcare.

Programme Objectives
To provide training including public health perspectives and skills necessary to assume effective leadership in public health practice, reflecting the three domains of health improvement, health protection and health service quality.

Admission Requirements
A bachelor’s degree preferably in medicine or an approved related field. For non-professional degree holders, honours not lower than second class are required.

CME Accreditation
The Hong Kong Medical Council recognizes the courses in both Master of Science and Postgraduate Diploma degrees in Epidemiology and Biostatistics as quotable qualifications.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for non-specialists can be obtained.

Students are required to obtain a ‘satisfactory pass’ in the assessment for the specified module(s). Upon satisfying these requirements, the “Certificate of Completion” for the selected module will be awarded.

Students who attended at least 75% of the lectures, seminars, tutorials, and practical sessions but did not take the assessment would be awarded a “Certificate of Attendance” instead.